Everyone thrives in a great school. Students are fully engaged and enjoy learning; relationships across the school are positive and respectful; creativity, diversity and critical thinking are valued and everyone feels they belong; it takes courage and commitment to create such a school.

1109, 2019

eXcel – Wellbeing for Learning

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eXcel: Wellbeing for learning in Catholic school communities (eXcel) articulates the importance of wellbeing to children and young people’s spiritual, cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth. Catholic Education Melbourne has developed eXcel as an explicit, [...]

209, 2019

School as family – Imagining education aligned with healthy child development

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This is the text of Sue Roffey's TEDx NorwichEd talk. The video will be online soon. When it is, we'll add the link here. ============ Children are like sponges, aren’t they – naturally primed to [...]


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