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Bill Hansberry is based in Adelaide, SA. He is a teacher, counsellor and change agent for schools. Much of his work is in the field of restorative practices. More information about Bill and testimonials to his work can be found on his website here. Bill is an accredited Circle Solutions Trainer.


Debra Mainwaring studied and practised Psychology and Education in both the UK and Singapore before arriving in Brisbane in 2003 and relocating to Sydney in 2014. After teaching across many age ranges from preschool to university Debra returned to practice psychology in the community as a specialist Educational & Developmental Psychologist in 2008 in the UK and 2009 in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. Most recently Education Officer Student Wellbeing & Pastoral Care for Sydney Catholic Schools, her practice has since evolved into her current business known as Cared4 by DJM Psychological Services and aims to empower and inspire the people who consult her in ways that promote their wellbeing. Debra is an accredited Circle Solutions Trainer.

Brenda Dobia has a professional background in clinical psychology, a PhD in cultural studies, and is an active researcher in school-based behaviour and wellbeing initiatives. She led resources development for the KidsMatter pilot and undertook a research-based evaluation and review that guided its ‘adaptation’ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families. Brenda has undertaken substantial research and consultancy into the implementation of school-wide positive behaviour supports in Western Sydney schools. She collaborated with Sue Roffey and NAPCAN to undertake research into the Aboriginal Girls Circle and continues to work on its further development. She is currently also collaborating with NAPCAN on the development of evidence-based implementation and evaluation frameworks for violence prevention and respectful relationships education with young people. Brenda is an accredited Circle Solutions Trainer.

Wellbeing Australia is a not-for-profit Network of people and organizations committed to developing the healthy relationships that lead to individual and community wellbeing, especially in education.

Our primary purpose is the development of caring, inclusive school communities which foster the wellbeing of all students, teachers and families. This is linked to improving the wellbeing of communities in general and the development of a civil, safe, inclusive and just society.

The Resilience Doughnut  is a practical, strengths-based model for developing resilience in children, young people and adults. It identifies and combines strengths needed to thrive in a modern world. The model is based on a wide body of international research examining the factors common to children, young people and adults who have shown resilience in the face of adversity. Now a validated measure, the Resilience Doughnut has had considerable success across Australia, and is  spreading across Japan, South Africa, NZ, Portugal, Canada and making an impact across the UK. The Resilience Doughnut was developed by Lyn Worsley, a clinical psychologist and international speaker in the area of resilience. Lyn is also the Director of the Resilience Centre, Australia – a centre for training, research and therapy.

Paula Robinson is a registered, consulting Psychologist, author, speaker and Managing Director of the Positive Psychology Institute.  Paula specialises in the science, application and integration of traditional Psychology and Positive Psychology. Paula has worked with over 300 schools, training and implementing both large and smaller scale Positive Education initiatives for leaders, teachers, students and parents. Paula has performed numerous expert advisory panel and media roles and is currently a lecturer for the University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School, Laureate Universities and guest lecturer at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education. Paula has just published her first book, Practising Positive Education: A Guide to Improve Wellbeing Literacy in Schools.

Helen Street is an educational consultant with a background in psychology and mental health. Her work exploring wellbeing, engagement and motivation in young people has been presented internationally in academic journals and in the popular media. She presents at schools, colleges and educational events; and writes regularly for educational publications including Western Teacher magazine and The Positive Times ( Helen is one of the original creators of The Positive Schools conferences ( in addition to being a regular presenter at the events. The incredible success of the events is a satisfying reflection of her passion to bring positive education to all Australian schools.

Kathryn Taylor is the Director of Turning Point Consulting. Kathryn partners schools and businesses to provide a holistic professional development platform that encompasses self-assessment, candid reflection, strategic planning and targeted outcomes. With over 18 years’ experience in education and corporate, in human resources, leadership, organisational change, talent management, purposeful performance appraisals and individual coaching, Kathryn provides insight to support individuals in positioning themselves for personal success. Kathryn has been awarded a Career Management Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship from The Teachers Guild of NSW for her work across K-12 in faith-based, independent and department schools delivering staff, student and parent initiatives to offer support in creating a platform for positive personal evaluation, planning and transition. Her consultation, educational programs and student workshops enable individuals in identifying and developing themselves through resilience, empowerment, motivation and engagement.

Margaret Thorsborne is a restorative justice consultant with a background in education and counseling. She was a pioneer of and played an important role in the introduction of Restorative Practice into schools in Australia and New Zealand in the mid-late 90’s, and the UK in the early 2000’s and has since trained conference facilitators and schools in education, police and justice sectors across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Britain, USA and Canada. She remains involved in this important reform in schools. She is currently consultant to various state and national government bodies and agencies in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the United Kingdom and has an office in London. She is a recognized expert author and trainer in the field of RP in schools and workplaces.

Kelly Allen is an educational and developmental psychologist and Fellow of the University of Melbourne where she holds sessional academic positions. She is also a supervisor for psychologists and holds official positions in the EDP College of the Australian Psychological Society. Kelly is internationally recognised as an authority on social connectedness and belonging within educational and community contexts. Her books on the subject are listed in Publications. She is also involved in numerous philanthropic exercises aimed at community engagement.

Glenn Hart has been an educator for twenty-one years. He is especially interested in social and emotional learning and its kindred approaches (personal, social and health education, values education, citizenship education a guidance approach to student behaviour etc). Glenn’s first fourteen years of teaching were in special service sites and category one schools; providing him with extensive experience of students who were not fully benefiting from their schooling experience. Glenn presently works as a student wellbeing leader (formally school counsellor) at Richmond Primary School and as an academic tutor at Flinders University. Glenn is an accredited Circle Solutions Trainer.

Wendy Madden has a Masters of Coaching Psychology and a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Psychology and Special Needs. She has over fifteen years of teaching experience, both in the public and private sector. Wendy has conducted research applying strengths-based coaching within the classroom. The results were published in the International Coaching Psychology Review. Wendy is co-author of the Growing Strong Minds program and an associate of the Positivity Institute. She is also a member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology. Wendy has used the Circle Solutions pedagogy in her classroom for many years.