Events and courses in blue are (or will be) available for booking – click on links to book: those in black are for specific institutions by invitation only.

You can find a selection of presentations from past talks and workshops here.


6th June 2019, Sydney: AIS Shine a Light on Wellbeing conference – at the Museum of Contemporary Art overlooking the amazing annual Sydney Vivid light show! 

19th June 2019, Cobham, Surrey: Sue Roffey: ELSA Conference, Positive Psychology: Children’s Wellbeing and Happiness

26th June 2019, Cobham, Surrey: Sue Roffey: Surrey Head Teacher’s Conference

5th July 2019, Birmingham: Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools Conference, Mental Health Knowledge Exchange

10th July 2019, Fareham, Hants: Sue Roffey: ELSA Conference, Positive Relationships

11th July 2019: Winchester, Hants: Sue Roffey: PD for Hampshire EPS

13th July 2019: Norwich TEDxED 2019: Sue Roffey: School as Family: Imagining an education aligned with healthy child development

18th October 2019, Birmingham: Values-based Education International Annual Conference

12-14th November 2019, Locarno, Switzerland: Sue Roffey (keynote): Well-being in Education Systems conference, Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI)

21st November 2019, Exeter: Sue Roffey (keynote): Babcock Education Annual Behaviour Conference

April 2020, New Zealand: Positive Education NZ: 4th Positive Education Conference