Everyone thrives in a great school. Students are fully engaged and enjoy learning; relationships across the school are positive and respectful; creativity, diversity and critical thinking are valued and everyone feels they belong; it takes courage and commitment to create such a school.

1508, 2019

Australia must fix school inequity to create a top education system

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Back home in Finland the best school for our children and everyone else's is the local public school. It should be the same in Australia, writes Pasi Sahlberg on ABC News Australia: ab.co/2KKNsdk

1208, 2019

Why I believe Wellbeing should be at the heart of education

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An interview with Sue Roffey on MyPOVonline.com. Click on the picture above, or click on the links below: Part 1: https://mypovonline.com/sueroffey/activity/2045/ Includes Sue's discussion of the ASPIRE principles (about 4 mins in from the start). [...]


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