Everyone thrives in a great school. Students are fully engaged and enjoy learning; relationships across the school are positive and respectful; creativity, diversity and critical thinking are valued and everyone feels they belong; it takes courage and commitment to create such a school.

2610, 2022

Watching, Listening, Copying – how our kids learn from us

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Small children can’t help learning – millions of new neural connections per second are made as they explore every aspect of the world around them. Their own abilities.- physical, mental, emotional and relational - develop [...]

1110, 2022

Growing Great Schools Newsletter October 2022

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Welcome to all the new people signed up to Growing Great Schools Worldwide. It is good to have you on board. This newsletter contains information about the Revisioning Education movement, links to relevant research, book [...]

1008, 2022

For Young Kids, The Power of Play-Based Learning

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New research shows play-based learning can be more effective than direct instruction at improving outcomes for early learners — particularly in the development of mathematical and spatial skills. Read more at Edutopia



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