Everyone thrives in a great school. Students are fully engaged and enjoy learning; relationships across the school are positive and respectful; creativity, diversity and critical thinking are valued and everyone feels they belong; it takes courage and commitment to create such a school.

1706, 2019

Healthy Minds – Schools’ Case Study Report

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The Healthy Minds programme has trialled soft skills education in 32 secondary schools in the UK over a period of four years (2013 – 2018). The programme offers a unique curriculum that supports students to [...]

1606, 2019

Spending two hours a week in nature is linked to better health and well-being

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Confirming what we always knew! Article in The Conversation based on research from Exeter.

1506, 2019

The importance of free play for wellbeing

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The British Psychological Society have published a position paper on this: see the news release and the position paper at these links. Our Division of Educational and Child Psychology says in the position paper that unstructured [...]


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