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  • Growing great kids: what it means to be a ‘great kid’, why this is important and what children need from home, school and the community to be the best they can be and feel comfortable with who they are.
  • Wholeness before Happiness the building blocks of resilience and what parents can do at home to help build resilience.
  • What about ME? – a warning for parents: parents who really love their children will want them to have warm and supportive partnerships in the future – real love is a two-way street: the sooner our children learn this the happier their lives will be.
  • Reasons not to travel on the pathway to perfection: in education and in families we need to be helping our children discover their strengths and unique qualities, to value and develop these and decide for themselves who they want to be, how they want to live their lives and what goals matter to them – for our children to stay motivated to learn, change and grow they need to know we are all in the fascinating process of becoming – and none of us are there yet.

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