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“All schools will be required to teach these subjects [Relationships Education for all primary pupils and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for all secondary pupils] … from September 2020

The subjects, by nature of their content, have attracted high levels of interest. The depth and breadth of views are clear, and there are understandable and legitimate areas of contention. We have reviewed the responses to the consultation on the basis of the principles we originally set out for these subjects. Our guiding principles have been that compulsory subjects should help keep children safe; help prepare children for the world in which they are growing up, including its laws in relation to relationships, sex and health; and help foster respect for others and for difference. The content must be age and developmentally appropriate; provide schools with the flexibility to deliver the subjects in a way that will be most beneficial for their particular pupils; and be delivered in schools in a way that engages parents and recognises that they are the primary teachers of their children.”