Approximate costs for shipping the Wellbeing Stories products:

Products     UK  Europe Australia/NZ* Rest of World
Single story   £1.76    £4.35       £5.65      £5.35
Family set   £3.45    £9.15     £14.60    £13.85
Education set   £3.45   £11.40     £18.05    £16.80

‘* NB – Singapore and some Pacific Ocean islands are classed by Royal Mail / ParcelForce as being in World Zone 2 along with Australia and New Zealand.

If you are paying in another currency, costs will depend on the exchange rate on the day.

For guidance, the following table gives indicative costs at these exchange rates:

Products     UK  Europe Australia/NZ Rest of World
Exchange rate   £1.00    €1.14       A$1.80     US$1.40
Single story   £1.76    €4.96      A$10.17    US$7.49
Family set   £3.45   €10.43      A$26.28   US$19.39
Education set   £3.45   €13.00      A$32.49   US$23.52


Important notes:

Note 1: these rates are for a single purchase at Royal Mail standard rates (Second Class within the UK) as at the price increase on 26 March 2018, plus 50p for packaging (Jiffy Airkraft bags) – if you order multiple copies, or ask for First Class postage or tracked / signed delivery, the checkout page will work out the best way to package them up at Royal Mail / ParcelForce rates and quote you those costs – eg two single stories or two family sets should be able to be sent in one package at the prices above.

Note 2: For customers outside the UK, we offer both Royal Mail and ParcelForce shipping options. In general ParcelForce deal with larger packages – more than 2Kg – and their minimum price is very much higher than the Royal Mail International Standard price for sending a 1Kg-2Kg parcel containing one or two sets of stories. There is no significant difference in their delivery speeds, unless you select ParcelForce Global Express, which cuts a 4-6 day delivery estimate to  2-3 days.

Note 3: There is a quirk in the Royal Mail pricing scheme, in that sending two Small Parcels (under 2Kg) is considerably cheaper than sending one 4Kg parcel: when calculating shipping costs for International deliveries, the shipping cost calculator effectively takes account of this difference when offering the different costs of Royal Mail and ParcelForce options, but doesn’t make that calculation for UK delivery. When sending your order, we will use the cheaper option, and credit or refund you with the difference. WooCommerce (who supply the shop software) are working on the problem for us, and hope to offer a solution in a future release of their Royal Mail app.