St Luke’s Innovative Resources – well produced cards to inspire, encourage and promote reflection and discussion. Strengths, symbols, community, futures. NB Registered Circle Solutions Schools have a 20% discount + postage from Australia.
St Luke’s resources are available in the UK from Innovative Resources UK, who also offer that 20% discount with a coupon code. Innovative Resources Uk is a part of Incentive Plus, who have their own Feelings & Emotions cards  – and other resources for social and emotional learning.

Sue Roffey & Russell Deal  (2015) Strengths in Circles: Building groups that flourish and fly  – this set of cards and accompanying workbook addresses how to put the Circle Solutions ASPIRE principles into practice.- Innovative Resources

Seal Community  – Lots of ideas, resources, research and good practice.

AtMyBest Strengths Cards  – beautifully produced cards with multiple uses beyond strengths identification

Strengths Cards for Kids – written by Russell Deal

CIRCLE FACILITATOR CHECKLIST:  To maximise the chance that you will get the positive outcomes from Circles:
Facilitation checklist Jun18