Sue Roffey (2014) Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing – Sage Education – this key text has over 175 games as well as sentence completions, opening, closing and mixing activities.  The first chapter lays out Circle principles, facilitator role and dealing with difficulties.  Available from Sage Publications or Amazon, including in Kindle format.

Sue Roffey (2011) Changing Behaviour in Schools: Promoting Positive Relationships and Wellbeing.  Has Circle activities at the end of each chapter. – Sage

To be congruent with the ASPIRE principles, activities in many “Circle Time” books may need to be amended so they are completed in pairs or small groups, address issues rather than focus on personal experience, and use the third person – eg sentence completions that begin “A good friend would …”  or “It is OK to feel sad when …”.   Students will often talk about their own lives, but this framework provides a safer space and addresses the critique of SEL becoming therapeutic education.

Games, Games, Games:  A co-operative games book – available from the Woodcraft website 

Margaret Armstrong & David Vinegrad (2016) Working Circles: in Primary and Secondary Classrooms. Available from Amazon UK

Karen Brunskill has written four books with activities dealing with issues of respect, confidence, assertiveness, consideration and tolerance from early years to Year 9.  Published by Sage

Tina Rae has written many books on aspects of emotional literacy across the age range. They contain activities that can be used or adapted in Circles – all published by Sage Education

Catherine Corrie (2nd ed, 2009) Becoming Emotionally Intelligent – Network Continuum

Robyn Hromek (2005). Game Time: Games to promote social and emotional resilience for children age 4-14.
– Paul Chapman.   These board games are designed for small groups.

Early Years and Primary

Margaret Collins (2007) Circle Time for the Very Young – Sage

Margaret Collins (2003) Enhancing Circle Time for the Very Young – Sage

Annie Greef (2005) Resilience: Personal Skills for Effective Learning Vols 1 and 2 – Crown House Publishing

Avril McDonald (2016) stories & teacher resource book for 4-7 year olds – Crown House

Yvonne Weatherhead (2008) Creative Circle Time Lessons for the Early Years – Sage

Mollie Curry & Carol Bromfield (2004) Personal & Social Education for Primary Schools through Circle Time – NASEN

Jane Langley & Bill Hansberry (2013) The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit for Teaching Restorative Behaviour – Inyahead

Murray White (2008) Magic Circles: Building Self-Esteem through Circle Time Second Edition – Sage


Jenny Mosley & Marilyn Tew (2013) Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School – Routledge

Marilyn Tew, Hilary Potter & Mary Read (2007) Circles PSHE and Citizenship – Sage

Charlie Smith (2003) Circle Time for Secondary Students (series of three) – Sage

Marilyn Tew (2007) School Effectiveness.  Supporting Success through Emotional Literacy for Ages 11-16. – Sage

Dianne Schilling (republished 2014) 50 Activities for Teaching Emotional Intelligence : Level 2 (Middle School) Level 3 (years 9-12) – Inner Choice