Wellbeing Stories – Family Set of 6

Wellbeing Stories – Family Set of 6


These six Wellbeing stories for 8-11-year-olds are about alternative ways of thinking. There are ten characters to represent different kinds of self-talk. These are either helpful to you or really not helpful at all and get in the way of your wellbeing. The positive characters give you good ideas and good feelings but the negative ones usually make you feel horrible. Recognising these different voices shows there are choices about how you see the world and how you deal with what happens to you. More information on the wellbeingstories.com website


A FAMILY set consists of one copy of the Introduction, the 6 Stories and 6 Family Toolkits: the Family Toolkits go into more depth about the issue the story is addressing and suggest ways families can help.  Each toolkit also covers suggestions about how to talk with children about the story.
ISBN: print: 978-1-912276-98-1

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