Oliver and the Organisation Owl with Teacher Toolkit

Oliver and the Organisation Owl with Teacher Toolkit


OLIVER AND THE ORGANISATION OWL: Ahn is Ollie’s best friend and notices how he is getting into more and more difficulty at school. He never seems to have what he needs in school – from books to sports kit to homework. This is traced back to Oliver’s parents splitting up and spending time in two houses.  Ahn points out that the Misery Maker is making Ollie no fun to be around and suggests that he enlists the help of Organisation Owl to get things sorted.


The Teacher set consists of the Story, the Teacher Toolkit, and a free copy of the Introduction to the Wellbeing Stories, if this is your first purchase of a story.

story: print: 978-1-912276-63-9; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-13-4
teacher toolkit: print: 978-1-912276-65-3; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-15-8

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