Mia and the Mindfulness Magician with Teacher Toolkit

Mia and the Mindfulness Magician with Teacher Toolkit


MIA AND THE MINDFULNESS MAGICIAN shows how several  emotional challenges over a short period of time can lead to depression. SoBS gives Mia one negative message after another until the Misery Maker takes over Mia’s life and drains all the joy and energy from it. Mia’s mum eventually realises how bad things are for Mia and takes her to see a counsellor who introduces her to the Mindfulness Magician and suggests Mia invites him in to help.


The Teacher set consists of the Story, the Teacher Toolkit, and a free copy of the Introduction to the Wellbeing Stories, if this is your first purchase of a story.

story: print: 978-1-912276-66-0; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-16-5
teacher toolkit: print: 978-1-912276-68-4; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-18-9

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