Irfan and the If-Only Elf – Family Set

Irfan and the If-Only Elf – Family Set


IRFAN AND THE IF-ONLY ELF deals with the dangers of perfection.  The Mousa family are all doing well but high aspirations go too far.  If-Only Elf works through family members to blame each other for any mistake.  This all comes to a head when Irfan is in the school team for a spelling contest.   The story is told by Selina, Irfan’s sister, and with the help of Common Sense she gets the family back on the right track and puts the If-Only Elf in his place.


The Family set consists of the Story, the Family Toolkit, and a free copy of the Introduction to the Wellbeing Stories, if this is your first purchase of a story: the Family Toolkits go into more depth about the issue the story is addressing and suggest ways families can help.  Each toolkit also covers suggestions about how to talk with children about the story.

story: print: 978-1-912276-54-7; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-04-2
family toolkit: print: 978-1-912276-55-4; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-05-9

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