Benji and the Beautiful Blessings with Teacher Toolkit

Benji and the Beautiful Blessings with Teacher Toolkit


BENJI AND THE BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS is about a primary school teacher who is a real misery.  No one wants to be in his class even if he does get good results.  He is best friends with SoBS who makes him think that he is entitled to everything and everyone else is a waste of space. Things change when Belle arrives at the school as a new teacher and to Benji’s great surprise takes an interest in him and then introduces him to the Beautiful Blessings.  This turns out to be transformative.


The Teacher set consists of the Story, the Teacher Toolkit, and a free copy of the Introduction to the Wellbeing Stories, if this is your first purchase of a story.

story: print: 978-1-912276-60-8; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-10-3
teacher toolkit: print: 978-1-912276-62-2; electronic copy: 978-1-912276-12-7

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