Everyone thrives in a great school. Students are fully engaged and enjoy learning; relationships across the school are positive and respectful; creativity, diversity and critical thinking are valued and everyone feels they belong; it takes courage and commitment to create such a school.

811, 2019

School as Family: Education aligned with healthy child development

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Sue's TEDx Norwich talk: ted.com/talks/sue_roffey_ school_as_family_education_aligned_with_healthy_child_development Healthy child development includes the drive to discover, become independent, be active, connect with others and have fun. When schools promote an environment that fosters positive development, all pupils [...]

2210, 2019

Alternative spaces of failure. Disabled ‘bad boys’ in alternative further education provision

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This article, by Craig Johnston & Simon Bradford, draws on a study researching the experiences of a group of school-aged (14–16 years) disabled students in so-called ‘Alternative Provision’ in England.  The recent UNESCO report into [...]


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