The schools with good wellbeing practices had common themes in their approach to promoting wellbeing for all students and responding to specific wellbeing concerns and issues. The motivation to do better was underpinned by the desire for school to be a good place for students. All of the schools focused on improvement for wellbeing.

The following themes were clearly evident in the talk, actions and approaches to wellbeing in the schools with effective practice:

  • We can do better.
  • Improvement focus.
  • Recognising the need for a balanced focus on wellbeing and achievement.
  • Providing layers of support.
  • Systems, people and initiatives’wrap around’ students.
  • Making implicit school values explicit.
  • Schools using restorative practices.
  • We want the best for all of our students.

These schools had carefully developed a culture of wellbeing. They recognised the need to plan for wellbeing in the curriculum. Students in these schools had opportunities to show leadership and have their opinions heard and acted on. Each school had the right systems, people and initiatives to fit their culture and their needs.