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I am sure many of us will be breathing a sigh of relief at the US election result with hope for more compassionate, collaborative and insightful ways forward. While appreciating the challenges ahead let’s just enjoy the moment! There is also good news about a vaccine against Covid19 which might control the pandemic. We do not, however, want to go back to the same old … this is the time for a re-think and a re-fix on what really matters in our world and its future – especially children, education, and wellbeing for all.

From an article by Jan-Emmanuel de Neve in Psychology Today:
A report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Wellbeing Economics has argued, the well-being benefits per pound of expenditure would generally be much higher in rebuilding our social infrastructure than our physical infrastructure. Areas where well-being benefits would result include mental health, well-being in schools, further education, and social care of the disabled and the elderly. Applying a well-being lens to policy-making helps societies move ‘beyond GDP’ in terms of measuring and achieving progress on what ultimately matters most to most people.” 
Click the link above for more. Written for the UK but applies everywhere.

News and Research

Dealing with Stress: Read this article from the BPS Research Digest to the end – it contains some unexpected advice (including avoiding giving advice to those in stressed situations!)

Another article indicates that where high energy positive emotions have health benefits in the US, in Japan quieter emotions are valued. Yet another reminder of the importance of context in emotional understanding and expression.

@teacher5aday: Check in with the teacher wellbeing week on twitter from 30th November to 4th December. Click on the link to learn more and how you can be involved. This initiative includes everyday activities to support teacher wellbeing and build a culture of care in schools.

Circle Solutions Training Online 

In response to queries I am offering Circle Solutions Training online via Zoom

Introduction to Circle Solutions
There will be two courses.
The first will be in two sessions on 3rd and 4th December 2020, 8am-11am GMT (4pm-7pm Singapore; 7pm-10pm Sydney) – morning in the UK and evening in Australia and other SE Asia countries.
The second course will be from 9am-4pm on Monday January 4th.
The cost for Intro training is £95 or A$180 per person and is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to become an accredited Circle Solutions Trainer. You can book here.

Circle Solutions Trainer program
Two-day Trainer program over four sessions 8-11am UK time (7-10pm Sydney/Melbourne) on 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th January 2021 . Costs for this and what is included are on the website, and you can book here.

There is a discount for those who book the Intro and Trainer together.

PS: If you are a school in Victoria and would like more information about Circle Solutions training then contact Dr Brenda Dobia, who is an accredited trainer now living in the State.

Circle Solutions research

If you have been running Circles and can give some details about how it has been going, we have an extension from Ethics and are still looking for survey respondents. Just click on this link.  We would be grateful for responses this time before December 16th 2020.


Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing: Third Edition (2020) This edition includes many new and chapters – including one on the ASPIRE principles. There are also more on-line activities to download. For orders more than 10 copies there is a significant discount.

UK: Contact: – NB this is a different name from the one sent out in the Newsletter last November
Australia and Singapore: Contact:
China: Contact.

There is also a 25% discount on individual copies of this book, as well as on Changing Behaviour in Schools and the New Teachers Survival Guide to Behaviour until the end of 2021 for anyone who cites this code: GGSWW2021
Physical Book:–
Creating the World We Want to Live In: How Positive Psychology can build a Brighter Future: Pre-publication discount for this book is £15.99 when applying code FLR40 at checkout on the Routledge site – will eventually be £19.99. Has some great endorsements from Barbara Fredrickson, Richard Ryan, Helen Street, Howard Gardner, Isaac Prilleltensky and many others.

If you would like a pre-submission copy of the chapter on Education, email:

Free booklet on student wellbeing: “Real-Time Check-ins”: download here:
Please check out the GGSWW website – there is much, much more there on all things wellbeing.

We welcome blogs, research news or anything else wellbeing related, and will consider having these on the site. To fit the principles of the site, please ensure articles are solution-focused: we often get contributions that are largely problem focused, such as on bullying, which don’t fit. We are not a large organisation, so forgive delays in responding!

Thank you for all you do  – especially in these troubled times. Take care.

Sue Roffey