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If you are in the Northern Hemisphere you are almost in your well deserved summer holidays.  Perhaps you might have time to click on some of these links and check out what is of interest to you. And all the best to those in the Southern Hemisphere who may be dealing with more climate crises.


Look at what the Democracy and Belonging Forum is doing to bring people together across the world. Supporting courageous leaders who know that the future is in ‘we’ not ‘me’.

Explaining to middle school students changes in the adolescent brain – using movie clips. Another useful resource from Edutopia.


An interesting article by Rebecca Collie in the Teacher Magazine on pro-social motivation – what makes young people want to be considerate towards others, based on surveys with 408 high school students in Queensland and Victoria.

From Greater Good – why contributing to a discussion on political issues, even if you disagree with others can build trust and cooperation: Staying neutral may backfire.

Although some people have a desire for unlimited wealth, most do not. An interesting study from several countries, summarised in the BPS Research Digest. 

The latest issue of the International Journal of Emotional Education is now available with free access. Plus a call for papers for the November issue on Climate Change and Young People.

The Good Childhood Report 2021 by the Children’s Society indicates a growing concern amongst many young people about the way they look.   How can we help young people accept that we are all wonderfully unique and perfection is not only unattainable, it does not make you feel better over the longer term nor give you healthier relationships.

Conferences and Courses

UK: Wednesday 20 July, 2–5 pm: Alternative provision and social justice webinar – free.

UK: Saturday 10 September: Pedagoo Hampshire 2022 on Hayling Island: Teachers teaching teachers.  So far 50 presenters but more wanted especially those who are younger or perhaps teaching in the early years. I am a long time out of the classroom but still have something to say on Double Whammy Kids – and how to best support them alongside maintaining your own wellbeing.
Sign up to be a presenter here:
or just get a free ticket here:

Singapore (online): 28 July, 3-6pm Singapore, 8-11 am UK time: Positive Classroom Behaviour: 3 hour on-line course. More details and booking here

Australia:  Positive Schools conferences. 26-28 October, Brisbane;  2-4 November, Melbourne; 9-11 November, Sydney; 23-25 November Fremantle. Read more here.

The European Conference on Positive Psychology was focused on Creating a World We Want to Live In. Many great speakers and presentations looking at how we can move from a focus on ‘me, now’ to ‘all of us over the longer term’. It is expected that these will be uploaded on the conference site in due course – in the meantime I have put the notes from my workshop on Relationships, Resilience and Responsibility and my keynote Creating a Positive School Culture in the Resources/Handouts on this site.