Happy New Year to everyone – here’s hoping it will be kinder and fairer than 2022. We are born to connect and care and perhaps we will see more of both this year. This newsletter is shorter than usual as the information on Circle Solutions courses is time sensitive.

Mental health is not created by the health care system – it is protected and repaired by the
health care system, but it develops in our everyday lives, in our families, our schools,
workplaces, simply where we work, live and play
. (Health Promoting Schools in Iceland)

Circle Solutions

FREE INTRODUCTION COURSE!  As part of the Positive Education Module for the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, the university is offering free places on a Circle Solutions Intro on Thursday January 26thClick here for more information and booking. If you or anyone you know in education is anywhere near Cambridge, I hope to see you there!

Trainer Refresher Session

Some accredited Circle Solutions trainers who trained a while ago have asked for a refresher course. I have now identified dates and times for this to accommodate both hemispheres! Dates for the course, held in three 2-hour sessions are: Thursday-Saturday 23-25 February 2023 at 8-10am UK, 4-6pm Singapore, 7-9pm Australia – following interest from some you who couldn’t make those dates, this course has been re-arranged for Monday-Wednesday 3rd to 5th April 2023, and will definitely go ahead on those dates: because of time zone changes, the timing each day will be 9-11am UK, 4-6pm Singapore, 6-8pm east Australia. We will also be sending out this information to all accredited trainers.This is only available to accredited trainers and you must book on this website. The cost for this is token: UK £60 or your country’s equivalent.

Worth watching / listening / reading

This Ted talk by Mollie Wright, a 7 year old, on brain development and how every child can thrive by five.

Creating the World We Want to Live In: the first podcast on Childhood is now available through most podcast platforms through these links: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify;  Amazon Music. The second episode, on Education, will be published on 10 January 2023.

Choices:  Encouraging Youth to Achieve Greatness (2021) by Robin Cox, published by Resource: at the end of every chapter there is a section called Conversations to Connect which include some great questions that would work really well in pair shares in SEL.

How People Matter: Why it affects health, happiness, love, work and society (2021) by Isaac and Ora Prilleltensky, published by Cambridge University Press: this goes beyond belonging to how we need to both feel valued and be of value.

If you have any information for the website and/or this newsletter – conferences, research, books or webinars please let us know  admin@growinggreatschoolsworldwide.com