Although children often have good information on global warming, there is little on what to do about it – especially broader social action. This story addresses that gap. The two central characters begin in a small way to be climate heroes but take this much further with grand-power – the love that grandparents often have for their grandchildren.

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Meantime, here are some things you can read and do:


Greta Thunberg (2022). The Climate Book. Penguin

Gail Herman and WHO (2018). What is Climate Change? Penguin Random House USA (doesn’t seem to be available from Penguin in the UK, but can be ordered from Amazon UK)

Hendrikus van Hensbergen (2021). How You Can Save the Planet (9-12 years). Penguin 

Ben Lerwill (2020). Climate Rebels. Penguin 

Alexis Snell (2020). The Bear in the Stars. Penguin 

There is a much longer list of books, articles and videos about environmental issues beyond climate change in the website of our adult book Creating the World We Want to Live In


Climate Change for Kids – clarifying the difference between weather and climate:

Movies: A big selection here – for age 6 up:


one or more of these organisations 

 – small actions by many people lead to big changes over time.