Events and courses in blue are (or will be) available for booking – click on links to book: those in black are for specific institutions by invitation only.

You can find a selection of presentations from past talks and workshops here.


16th January 2020: Reykjavik, Iceland: Sue Roffey: public lecture/workshop: Positive Education: relationships, resilience, responsibility 

17th January 2020: Reykjavik, Iceland: Sue Roffey: one day course on social and emotional learning for Positive Psychology programme

24th January 2020, Kingston-upon-Thames: Sue Roffey: Using psychological intervention to improve outcomes for children and young people

29th January 2020, Cardiff: Sue Roffey: Why, What and How Wellbeing: Westminster Insight Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools Conference

2nd-4th April 2020, Christchurch, and 6th-7th April 2020, Auckland, New Zealand: Sue Roffey & Denise Quinlan: Positive Education NZ: 4th Positive Education Conference

11th-13th May 2020: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Sue Roffey: keynote and workshop: Pan-Canadian Summit on K-12 Workplace Well-Being

21st May 2020, London: Sue Roffey: Being an agent of change  for school and students’ wellbeing: UCL Ed Psych trainees

24th-27th June 2020: Reykjavik, Iceland: the 10th European Conference on Positive Psychology: Creating a World We Want to Live In

8th October 2019: Sue Roffey: Keynote: Devon County Council Education & Families Service conference

23rd-24th October 2020, Xi’an, China: Sue Roffey: Dehong Safe at School Conference keynote plus workshops

28th-30th October 2020, Xi’an, China: Sue Roffey: Circle Solutions Introduction and Trainer courses