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Events and courses in blue are (or will be) available for booking: those in black are for specific institutions by invitation only.


7 February 2018: Sue Roffey: Introduction to Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing, Braintree, Essex, UK

8-9 February 2018: Sue Roffey: Circle Solutions Train the Trainer, Braintree, Essex, UK

24 May 2018: Sue Roffey: Being an Agent of Change for Wellbeing, University College London Educational Psychology trainees

26-27 June 2018: Engaging Education – Let’s make it happen! Exploring Science and Practice Based Opportunities: The IPPA Positive Education Division ECPP2018 Pre-conference: Budapest, Hungary

2 July 2018: Buckfast Abbey, Devon, UK: At the heart of learning: approaches that work in supporting mental health and wellbeing in education. For further information or bookings, email

15 September 2018: Pedagoo Hampshire: Wellbeing in schools

8 October 2018: Sue Roffey: Coventry EPS: School connectedness, relationships and social capital