In Pursuit of Positivity: How can schools impart Positivity to students, teachers, and parents? Global Education Thought Leaders Forum, 15 April 2024

ASPIRE to Learning and Wellbeing for All. Re-thinking education for the 21st Century: Keynote at IB Heads World Conference 2023, Dublin

IBGC 2023 – Day 2 – Keynote – Dr Sue Roffey from International Baccalaureate on Vimeo.

This keynote challenges us to think about how conversations create culture. What are the issues at the heart of our concerns and how do we talk about them? What do we want for our young people now and for their future and how does this determine the education they are offered. And what does this mean for teachers? This keynote identifies the micro-moments as well as the policies that promote Agency, Safety, Positivity, Inclusion, Respect and Equity and says why each is important for wellbeing, learning and creating the world we want to live in

Successful School Transitions – A Time to Thrive

Life is full of change. For young people some of life’s big transitions begin as they move from secondary education into work or higher education and independent living. This podcast explains what happens during most times of transition and how to navigate this change and future changes. Listen to insights and strategies from young people and professionals to build knowledge and skills where change is the only constant. Content is relevant for students, educators and parents/carers.
Co-hosted by Louise Wiles and Elizabeth Gillies.

Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Schools: Keynote at ECPP2022 Reykjavik

Education in Motion podcast Ep 14: The Importance of Student Wellbeing in Schools


Creating the World We Want to Live In podcasts

These podcasts are conversations around the subjects in the chapters of the book. The first two episodes are conversations between Professor Isaac Prilleltensky and Dr Sue Roffey on Childhood and Education. They are, in fact, two parts of one conversation, so probably best to listen to them in order!

Episode 1: Childhood and Episode 2: Education are available now on many podcast platforms – search for the Creating the World We Want to Live In podcast, or listen via Apple Podcasts at this link.

Episode 3: Economics and Politics – also a conversation, this time between Prof Isaac and David Roffey is also now available.

More episodes are planned for each month going forward.

NZ Mental Health in Schools conference, April 2022

This is Sue’s presentation, Social and Emotional Learning for School and Student Wellbeing, to the New Zealand Mental Health in Schools Conference on 8 April 2022.

The Mental Health in Schools Big Conversation: Week 1 – Support for Pupils

For Minds Ahead and The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools at Leeds Beckett University.

Creating the World We Want to Live In book launch

Relationships in Education & Inclusive Schools

ASPIRE to wellbeing in school

This podcast talks about supporting the wellbeing of teachers and young people at a time of great change, challenge and uncertainty. Listen here:

Sue Roffey’s video for the UNESCO MGIEP Rethinking Learning book launch

Video recorded for UNESCO MGIEP: click on the pic above to play the video.

To find out more about the book, go to this link: Re-thinking Learning: A Review of Social-Emotional Learning for Education Systems.

Rethinking behaviour management in schools – Parts One & Two

Dr Sue Roffey, Dr Kulvarn Atwal and Dr Chris Bagley share their thoughts on the current behaviour management strategies adopted by many schools, and reflect upon the necessity to ensure that the child’s wellbeing and emotional needs are put at the centre of all policies. Watch Part One here, and Part Two here.

Teacher wellbeing in challenging times

Streamed live on 25 May 2020.

Dana and the Doom Merchant

Sue reads this Wellbeing Story to an online audience.

DANA AND THE DOOM MERCHANT addresses issues of loss and change. Dana has a history of successfully moving schools but now she is distraught because she is going to a different high school from her friends.  This gives the Doom Merchant an opportunity to seed thoughts that things will never be good again. ZIP comes along and points out that the Doom Merchant is a fraud who takes away optimism and hope.  Dana tells this story from the point of view of now being in High School where things have turned out OK.

School as Family: Education aligned with healthy child development

Sue Roffey’s TEDx Norwich talk:

Healthy child development includes the drive to discover, become independent, be active, connect with others and have fun. When schools promote an environment that fosters positive development, all pupils are more likely to thrive. Education that mirrors the best of family life puts wellbeing at its heart and includes learning to be and live together as well as knowledge and skills. This will not only reduce mental health concerns and enable young people to become the best of themselves, it will also empower future communities to flourish.

Why I believe Wellbeing should be at the heart of education

An interview with Sue Roffey on

Part 1:
Includes Sue’s discussion of the ASPIRE principles (about 4 mins in from the start).

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

The Why What and How of a Healthy Relationship

Sue Roffey’s guest lecture at the University of Groningen in September 2017:

(This is 75 mins long!)

Circle Solutions

This photo-film shows Circles in action across the age range. We hear from teachers, students and school principals about the difference it is making for individuals, classes and school culture.

Click on the pic below to download the movie (329MB):

Aboriginal Girls Circle

Young Aboriginal Women are the hope of  future communities.  Watch this photo-film to see how the AGC connects high school girls,  gives them a voice, grows leaders and ‘solutionaries’.   The AGC, initiated by Sue Roffey, has been positively evaluated by Dr Brenda Dobia and her team at the University of Western Sydney.

To download the video (698MB), click here: AGC photofilm.

Mind & Its Potential, Sydney, 2014

Wellbeing begins with WE

This is Sue Roffey’s interview from the Fulfilling Lives Summit in May 2014. You can watch it by clicking on this link:

Sue Roffey: Wellbeing begins with WE (1 hour long – 281MB)